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Aid for Trade Global Review: Creating an Enabling Environment to Increase Women's Participation in Trade
Over the past decade, the world has made progress in several key areas of gender equality. International trade, however, is an area where focus on gender equality has not been always adequately addressed. Research shows that ensuring women can equally participate in international trade is important as trade can improve economic outcomes for women by creating better jobs that move them into the formal economy and increase their wages.

This event is an opportunity for a high-level and engaging discussion on why enabling an inclusive trade environment is critical and, most importantly, how governments can create a trade environment that encourages and empowers women entrepreneurs to connect to regional and global markets. The panel will discuss recent research and offer different perspectives from both the public and private sectors on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs engaged in cross-border trade. Panelists will also offer practical recommendations on how to address these challenges and create gender-inclusive border environments that facilitate the participation of women in international trade.

This event is co-organized by the World Bank Group, International Trade Centre, and the UK Government.


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